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11.07.01 @ 11:19 a.m.

I just finished my final interview for my assistant position.

While in New Orleans, I had to call my (medical) insurance company to find a doctor - seems I had strep throat. Not fun, but the amoxicilin helped me feel better. Luckily, Bink didn't contract it too.

Another thing about N'awlins: I really felt almost compelled to drink. The way there's a Walgreen's on every other corner here, there's a daquiri stand there. Touring the French Quarter, Bink sipped on her (non-alcholic) strawberry daquiri as I sipped on my Bacardi lemonade. Walking on the street with open containers is legal - provided your beverage is not in glass. Also, if you buy a drink in a bar or club, you can get a "to go" cup if you want to leave. Wow.

Our hotel was across the street from a K-mart and a Winn-Dixie (I had to shop there only because I love the store's name so much - I've never lived anywhere but the west coast.) Our first night there, Bink and I went to K-mart for some nail clippers - I didn't think I could get mine past airport security. My daughter is always finding dropped change near cash registers, a penny here, a quarter there. This particular evening, however she spotted paper money. She picked it up and said "Oh my God!" I looked and it was a $20 bill. Not bad. Upon closer inspection, I unfolded the bill to see it was folded around a $100 bill. Unbelieveable.

I have another unbearable headache. I'm going home now.



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