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10.18.01 @ 4:19 p.m.

Note to self: when advertising a work-study position (which pays $11.00 per hour - a fortune to college students), do not, under any circumstances give your phone number.

I have had literally dozens of San Francisco State students leaving me pleading messages on my voicemail since the job (my assistant!) was posted yesterday. The receptionist doesn't even ask me if I want to take the calls anymore, she justs puts them in voicemail. Egads.

I can't really blame them though. When I had work-study, a million years ago, I was making $7 or $8 bucks an hour - and was totally stoked (--hey, I went to school in southern California, whadda ya want?)

It's a shit job for all intents and purposes. Can you alphabatize? Do you know how to use MS Word? Use a copy machine? Fax? You're hired. For entertainment purposes, here's the job description:


DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: General clerical work filing, photocopying, limited computer data entry, preparing bulk mailings. Special projects may include assisting with special events as needed.

QUALIFICATIONS/EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: General office experience. Candidate must be able to organize and handle confidential documents with accuracy and careful attention to detail. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and database experience helpful. Excellent organizational and problem solving skills. Able to work well with others as part of a team, yet self-motivated to work independently. Perform all duties in a responsible and mature manner. Flexible hours. $11.00 per hour, 10 hours per week. Contact ME.

Now what strikes me as odd is that a fair number of these applicants have droned on about their majors, about how this job fits in with their career goals. I thought I thought I was pretty clear in the description that this job is not the fast-track to anything. It's a "do this menial crap so I don't have to" position.

Maybe it's a case of people seeing what they want (or need) to see.



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